If you only have one day a week to come to class and want to make substantial progress, the Blended Track offers the optimum combination of face-to-face classes and tailor-made e-learning support 

In addition to learning in our dynamic, motivating classroom-based lessons, you will have an opportunity to interact with your tutors and partners between classes via our e-learning platform (moodle). Through skills-based methodology and interactive activities, with the Blended Track you will develop your speaking, listening, reading and writing skills. At the same time, you will learn the essential grammar and vocabulary to enable you to communicate more accurately and fluently. All-in-all this is a highly efficient way of learning, with only one trip per week to our excellent teaching facilities.

The Blended component is supplemented with two videoconferencing sessions. Each session will take place on two Thursdays during the course. Participants will take part in the activity, via a videoconferencing platform, with the teacher and other students from the class. In these sessions, students will put the English that they are learning in the classroom into practice with a roleplay designed to simulate a real-life work situation. These sessions will recreate the meetings, negotiations and telephone calls that typically occur in professional life.


This course is aimed at professionals with little time during the week to attend face-to-face classes but who have time to practice between classes through our unique e-learning platform. The tracks are designed so that you should progress one level over two tracks. All the material is included.

Autumn Track


  • Dates: Mondays, from 15th October to 17th December 2018
  • Videoconference days: Thursdays 8 and 28 Novembre 2018 (45m per class)
  • Holidays/non-lective days: none
  • Schedule: Mondays, from 6pm to 9.30pm plus interactive e-learning between classes.

Winter Track


  • Dates: Mondays, from 14th January to 18th March 2019
  • Videoconference days: Thursdays 7th February and 7th March 2019 (45m per class)
  • Holidays/non-lective days: none
  • Schedule: Mondays, from 6pm to 9.30 pm plus interactive e-learning between classes.

Spring Track


  • Dates: Mondays, from 25th March to 17th June 2019
  • Videoconference days: Thursdays 2nd and 30th May 2019 (45m per class)
  • Holidays/non-lective days: 15th April and 22nd April and 10th June 2019
  • Schedule: Mondays, from 6pm to 9.30 pm plus interactive e-learning between classes.

  • Levels: from Basic to Superior (levels and CEFR equivalence)
  • Fees for 3 months: 820 €  / Basic levels:  820 € + book.NELC students discount: 780 €
  • Class size: 10 students / group.