Executive EnglishDo you need to use English in your work environment?

Do you need English in your professional life? The Executive English course is based on the business skills you really need. It focuses on: Meetings, Presentations, Negotiations, Business Socializing and Telephone English. You will improve all of these skills through your participation in real-life, practical activities. First, you will be given the vocabulary and grammatical structures you need to be effective.

Then, you will be given time to practice the activities focusing on improving both the business skill itself and your ability to carry it out in English. You will receive regular feedback and advice from an excellent, experienced, qualified coach to ensure that you constantly improve. Executive English also allows you to expand your business vocabulary and expressions and to improve your listening skills in a business context. Improving your listening skills will allow you to be confident of understanding speakers on a conference call or a difficult native speaker in an international meeting.

Participants often highlight the importance of understanding questions so various strategies are covered to ensure that you can deal with questions in meetings, during telephone conversations or at the end of presentations.

The Executive English course is designed for professionals who need English as a business tool and who are determined to improve their business skills.If you complete an Executive English course you will perform better at work, guaranteeing job security and opening up the possibility of promotion or changing jobs to a more interesting, challenging or lucrative position. Executive English is practical, stimulating and most importantly, highly effective.  The course includes exclusive material designed over many years by Executive English experts.


  • Levels: Intermediate Plus, Advanced and Expert (Levels and CEFR equivalence)
  • Dates:
    • Autumn: Monday, from 16th October to 18th December 2017;
    • Winter: more information coming soon
    • Spring: more information coming soon
  • Holidays / non-lective days: more information coming soon
  • Schedule: Monday from 18 to 22 h.
  • Fees for 3 months:  720 € / NELC students discount: 680 €
  • Class size: 10 students / group maximum