communication skillsA one-day-a-week to help improve your fluency, pronunciation and communication skills

Communication skills are a vital part of learning any language. While you may have a good command of grammar and vocabulary, being able to say the appropriate thing at the right time is crucial. Many people do not get the chance to improve their communication skills at work or when travelling and so can feel frustrated at their inability to express their ideas in English as well as they would like to. While communication skills are an integral part of all our courses, this course focuses exclusively on improving your fluency by giving you the tools to improve your communication skills.

The course is tailored around the needs of the students who attend the course and typically the following themes are discussed: current affairs, travelling, health, law and order, the media, international relations, family life. Business skills such as meetings, presentations, negotiations and telephoning are also explored depending on the needs of the group.

Another important aspect of improving one’s communication skills is using the words, grammatical structures and idioms that the English, Americans etc use – what we call “Anglo-Saxon “ English. So using verbs like GET, phrasal verbs and more sophisticated structures is going to help you not only sound more natural but also understand that most difficult of groups to comprehend – native speakers.

Pronunciation is also an important element in the course. The wrong vowel sound or stress can lead to a breakdown in communication. We will help you pronounce that word well!

The methodology we use is tried and tested: Input- practice – feedback. In each class, we give students input in terms of vocabulary, structures etc, we give them lots of speaking practice and this is followed crucially by constructive and specific feedback. Individual feedback is also a key element in the course. Our students come out of the process with more confidence in their communication skills

If you can study on Thursday evening, take the opportunity to focus on your English communication skills. All the material is included.


  • Levels: Intermediate Plus, Advanced and Advanced Plus (Levels and CEFR equivalence)
  • Dates: 
    • Autumn: Thursdays, from 19th October 2016 to 21st December 2017;
    • Winter: more information coming soon
    • Spring: more information coming soon.
  • Holidays / non-lective days: 7th December 2017;
  • Schedule: Thursday from 18 to 22 h
  • Fees for 3 months:  560€ / NELC students discount: 530€
  • Class size: 10 students / group maximum.