1. What makes the New Executive Language Centre different from other schools?

In our previous experience as ESADE teachers, students told us time after time ‘we really feel that we have progressed a lot.’ We encourage students to really communicate in another language, not just learn the words or structures. Our team of teachers are specially trained and constantly developing. We are experts in targeting our teaching to your needs. Our aim is to offer consistent, rigorous, high quality training.

2. Will the course meet my needs?

Yes – each course is designed and adapted to the needs and interests of each group. We do not have a single, strict curriculum or system of following books – there are many ways to achieve the objectives of any level. The study plan can be varied according to the groups’ needs and materials are often tailor-made by the teaching team. Our main aim is to ensure that what you learn in the classroom is relevant and useful for your everyday life.

3. What methodology do you use?

Our methodology is based on maximising the use of class time so that you can make rapid progress. Our classes are oriented to practical communication skills that will be immediately useful for you. Activities are participative; our students are required to take an active part. Feedback is built into our methodology so that each student knows how well they are performing. All of our teachers have experience in the business world which enables them to cater for your needs. They are also experts in group dynamics which means that you are interacting with other professionals while making progress in your language learning.

4. Are the teachers native speakers?

Yes, our team of highly qualified and experienced professionals are specially trained in teaching English and come from countries such as the UK, USA, Ireland, Canada and Australia. These teachers are highly recommended by their previous students, having successfully helped them to achieve their learning aims.

5. Which course should I do?

Contact us. Everyone who contacts us is assured of a personal interview to help identify their goals and the best way to meet their language needs.

6. Where will the courses be held?

The classes will be held in high quality classrooms on IQS (Institut Químic de Sarrià), School of Management in Via Augusta, 390, 08017, Barcelona.

7. What do the fees include?

There is no extra registration fee. The fees include everything in the course, including materials that are handed out in class. If a specific book is recommended, then the students need to buy that separately. The course does not include the cost of any official exams (e.g. Cambridge English: First) unless otherwise specified.

8. Are there any discounts?

Yes, NELC offers exclusive discounts in our open course programmes. Check out our exclusive discounts HERE

9. How do I enrol?

Your first step is to complete the enrolment form. If you have studied an English course in NELC, please indicate the last level and course. If you have not studied in NELC before or you have not done a course in NELC in the last 6 months, you should request an interview to assess your current level. This is a free interview with a teacher who will help you choose the course that is best for you. If you wish, you can then enrol on the selected course. In 48 hours you will receive confirmation that there is a place on the course. Enrolment cannot be confirmed until payment is received. Therefore places on courses cannot be guaranteed until payment is made. Full payment must be made before the beginning of the course. This can be done by credit card (VISA, MasterCard, 4B, in person or by phone), or by bank transfer or in cash in our office from 9.30 am to 7.30 pm.

10. Where can I enrol?

You can enrol in person at NELC office at Via Augusta, 390, floor 0, office 1010, IQS School of Management building, 08017 Barcelona, Monday to Friday from 9.30 am to 7.30 pm, or through the online enrolment section on this page (if you do not need a placement interview), or by phone, on 93 142 60 72 and 93 142 60 73

11. How can I pay for the course?

Payment can be done by credit card (VISA, MasterCard, 4B, in person or by phone), or by bank transfer or in cash in NELC office from 10.30 am to 7.30 pm.

12. Can I reserve a place?

No, we are sorry. We cannot reserve places because class sizes are limited and may fill up completely. Enrolment cannot be confirmed until payment is received. Therefore places on courses cannot be guaranteed until payment is made.

13. If the course is cancelled, will I get a refund?

Yes, of course. If for any reason it is necessary for NELC to cancel the course before the start date, the full amount will be refunded to you. NELC reserves de right to reschedule courses, reduce the total number of hours or cancel the course should enrolment figures not meet the required minimum of 6 students. Our objective is to find a solution for the student.

14. If I find that I cannot do the course that I have enrolled on, will you give me a refund?

If you cancel your course before the course begins, we will give you a refund minus an administrative fee. If you start the course and find you are unable to continue, unfortunately, we cannot refund the rest of the course. However, we will try to find a solution so that you do not lose your investment.

This rule applies to both open courses (Tracks, Skills, Exam Focus and Summer Courses) and for the Language Coaching.

15. Refunds and credits

Refunds. Must be requested in writing and are by bank transfer only. Refunds will be made from 15 days after a request is accepted. The customer must provide bank details in writing. In the case of a course being cancelled by NELC, a full refund will be made. Where a student cancels a place before the course start date, a refund minus an administration fee (50 euro) will be made.

Credit for sickness, transfer of work or studies, against documented evidence. In the case of a credit, the decision of NELC President is final. A student must provide written documentary evidence from an employer, place of study or doctor in support of a credit request. The credit amount is calculated pro-rata from the date that evidence is received and an administration fee (50 euro) is deducted. Credits will not be awarded once two thirds of a course has passed. Credits can only be transferred to immediate family members. Corporate credits may be transferred to employees from the same company. All credits are valid for one year from date of acceptance.

This rule applies to both open courses (Tracks, Skills, Exam Focus and Summer Courses) and for the Language Coaching.

16. Can companies receive a subsidy for the courses?

Yes, NELC’s English courses can be subsided. Annually, companies have a credit allocated for the training of their employees which can be used for NELC’S English courses. The subsidy must be done through the Fundación Estatal para el Empleo (also known as Fundación Tripartita) and a minimum of 7 days is required to notify it before the start of the course.

Although NELC does not directly perform the steps to subsidise the courses, we have an external agency who carries out this service at a reasonable price. NELC provides all the necessary documentation to the agency so that your company can benefit from the subsidy.

17. Where can I park?