Language Coaching for executives

The one-to-one training in languages, our Language Coaching, are designed with maximum flexibility so that the client can take the classes at the times that best suit them and the location that is most comfortable for them. In addition, we adapt the contents so that the student can focus on working and perfecting in those areas that he needs the most. Therefore, it is a course totally tailor-made for the client.
We have organized Language Coaching for professionals of these companies:
Language Coaching is, therefore, an ideal product for executives and senior managers with a heavier workload and less availability for training. Our intensive courses have the following advantages:
Fully personalized classes in content according to customer demand. Total adaptability to the needs of the student.
Total flexibility within a schedule established in advance with the client (classes can be recovered if the session is canceled with a minimum of 24 hours notice).
High quality of our training. Our trainers are experts in teaching languages to senior executives in companies from all professional sectors.
Very participatory methodology, developed in the old ESADE ELC.
Possibility of subsidizing classes by Fundae.
The client can choose between the face-to-face mode or by videoconference. There is also the possibility of doing both options mixed (face-to-face + videoconference).
Para los Language Coaching presenciales, desplazamiento a la oficina del cliente incluido en la tarifa (dentro de la 1ª corona metropolitana de Barcelona).
Possibility of organize short Language Coaching for specific objectives (preparing an international meeting, giving a presentation in another language, etc).
In addition to English, we also organize Language Coaching of Spanish for foreigners, Catalan, French, German, Italian, etc.

Our Language Coaching is also aimed at any other member of the company’s staff who requires one-to-one classes, either due to schedule incompatibilities with In-Company training or courses at NELC, or because they need totally tailored training in regarding content.

“What is unique about NELC is the quality and relevance of the programme, the methodology and professionalism of the teachers and, as a result, the significance progress you make. No other centre can match this. Highly recommended.”

Constantí Serrallonga

CEO, Fira de Barcelona

“Mi profesor no solo es un hablante nativo de inglés, sino que también un excelente profesional de la enseñanza en general. Eso realmente marcó la diferencia. Fue la primera vez que no me aburrí aprendiendo inglés. Lo digo en serio”.
Francina Valls

Directora RRHH, Criteria Caixa

“My German course has been very educational and interesting. On the one hand, I have learned the basics of German grammar and on the other, the vocabulary through classes that taught me the German culture, achieving not only a good preparation for the language, but also an important cultural knowledge of its population”.

Tommaso Lucca

Vicepresidente y CEO, Assiteca España

“NELC continues with the ESADE policy and offers the same quality. From its methodology, I highlight the flexibility, variety and adaptation to the needs of the student. From their teachers, their professionalism. They understand the needs of students and adapt classes to meet them. We believe in the NELC format because it is intensive and fits into the employees’ schedule; It allows them to combine their work responsibilities with the continuous improvement of their English, even in the case of those who must travel frequently.”

Ramón Asensio

CEO, Roca Sanitario