The *Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: Learning, Teaching, Assessment (CEFR) is a standard guide for teaching and learning languages created by the Council of Europe. It used to measure the level of comprehension and oral and written expression in a language and ensures the equivalence between different official degrees offered by universities and academies. Encourages the mobility of citizens through a linguistic portfolio that summarizes the domain of each language.

This is the table of equivalence of levels that NELC offers regarding the CEFR.

Levels and CEFR equivalence


Level CERF C2 Expert
Level CERF C1 Superior
Advanced 3
Level CERF B2 Advanced 2
Advanced 1
Level CERF B1 Intermediate 3
Intermediate 2
Level CERF A2 Intermediate 1
Basic 3
Level CERF A1 Basic 2
Basic 1