It seems like only yesterday you were popping grapes and seeing in the New Year with champagne, but the truth is that was nine months ago. And the summer holidays and post-summer blues are already behind you, so it’s time to get back into your routine and make some new resolutions because September is almost like the New Year. It’s another chance to start over and tackle those pending assignments; after all, you still have four months before the year is out.

If, among your plans, you want to get to grips with the language of big (or small) business, Shakespeare or Earth, Wind and Fire, or to pass any of the official exams , then the courses we have prepared for this academic year will help you.

If you want to start as soon as possible we have prepared the September Special course specifically for people who need to maintain and update their level of English. Three weeks to help you catch up and be more than ready for our courses in October.

Because, in October, we put all our irons in the fire. All our Tracks begin: these are intensive or semi-intensive courses which last three or four months with a maximum of ten students per class. The Tracks are aimed at everybody with an Intermediate or Advanced level and with our range of schedules you are sure to find one that suits you. Here are all your options: Morning TrackAfternoon Track, Fast Track, Evening Tracks 1 and 2.

If you want to improve your oral fluency in English, Speaking is the course for you. In three months you will be speaking English like a true Brit. Or at least much better than you do now. We promise.

If what you’re looking for is a course to improve your communication skills in the workplace to express yourself fluently in meetings, presentations or negotiations, join the Executive English course. Before the year is out, business English and you will be good friends.

And finally, the official exams. How could we forget those dreaded exams? In October we offer two month courses to help you with the exam skills needed to pass the Cambridge tests (both FCE and CAE). This will make the experience considerably less traumatic than you anticipate and you’ll go home with your certificate under your arm.

If you are a past student of NELC, you are entitled to an additional discount if you register before 18 September. If you are not a NELC student yet, don’t worry because we have special discounts for you too.

Say, do you remember, dancing in September …