Socios de NELC

It was back in 1964 that Bob Dylan sang “The Times They Are A-changin’ “. Fifty years later, not only the times but also the world has changed. A world where competition is now global and you are no longer only competing with your neighbours but also with other continents. A world where fluent English doesn’t just add value to your resume but is an essential prerequisite to doing business internationally.

We know that your career and family commitments do not allow you to spend all your time learning English. We also know that you need to master this language once and for all to achieve your career goals and access international work opportunities.

In NELC (New Executive Language Centre) we know all this because for many years, we have specialized in teaching English to professionals, companies and the university community. We are a language centre created by former teachers of the ESADE Executive Language Center whose aim is to continue to offer the same type of English courses previously provided by ESADE-ELC, with the same guarantees of quality.

All our teachers are native speakers and have extensive experience of working with both the students and staff of ESADE, as well as the many companies and executives who were clients of this prestigious university. They are experts in teaching English for business and their aim is to enable you to get the most out of your course. You will see how your English rapidly improves, to make closing sales or creating presentations in English second nature, instead of the result of many hours consulting your English (bilingual) colleague or an online dictionary. Our objective is that, from day one, you learn English expressions that you can immediately use in your professional life.

Our teachers aim to make the classes not only practical, but also dynamic and motivating, so that you are keen to return to the next class. And by using the time efficiently, they’ll help you to get the most out of the time you have available for your English.

Your classmates are other professionals like yourself, with a range of backgrounds and experience. This helps create a richer learning environment and promote networking. You share a common goal: to communicate effectively in English. But additionally, you can learn from each other so that everyone benefits. The target is to widen your professional horizons.

Finally, if you have any queries, both our teaching and administrative staff are always available to assist you inside or outside the classroom.

And remember:
If your time to you
Is worth savin ‘
Then you better start swimmin ‘
Or you’ll sink like a stone
For the times they are a-changin ‘