When Amanda was about 14, her grandfather told her that he could see her becoming a teacher. She didn’t take him seriously as she wanted to be a journalist, and yet by the time she was 18, she had her first experience teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL) in Cologne, Germany, during a year-out before going to university. She loved it!

She was committed, however, to finishing her studies and so when the year was over she headed to Birmingham City University to study English Language and Literature. After that, she went to journalism school in her home city of London and was working on her first magazine a week after finishing the course. Eventually, she went freelance as a feature writer and sub-editor and worked on a variety of magazines.

In 1997, she decided to take another sabbatical year to teach English abroad, but this time she also took the Trinity College TESOL Certificate with Oxford House in Barcelona. Having fallen for the city – and the lifestyle it offered, and wanting to explore her passion for teaching further, she decided to stay indefinitely.

Very quickly she specialised in teaching in-company classes at all levels of learning and at all levels of management, including company presidents and general directors.

With more than twenty years’ working in TEFL, Amanda continues to love the challenge of meeting the needs and objectives of students while keeping their interest and motivation high.

It’s her rescue dog, Scout, who has proven to be her trickiest student to date. A mixed breed with a strong hunting instinct, he loves his freedom and has a hard time learning to come when called! Naturally, Amanda spends a lot of time in the Catalan countryside walking Scout, and especially loves escaping to places like Vall de Núria, the Montseny and La Garrotxa for the weekend.