We are very happy to share the news that the Federació de Cooperatives de Treball de Catalunya has presented NELC with the award for Team of the Year. Thank you for this great honour!

Here is the article published about us in the May issue of the FCTC magazine.


In June 2013, ESADE announced a redundancy programme and decided to close its Executive Language Center which was reporting losses, according to the business school. Only one month later, 4 of the former teachers decided to raise a new centre from the ashes, still focusing on teaching languages to executives and companies, but with an entirely new management philosophy. “In our opinion, it was, and still is, very important to work as a team and being a co-operative is the best option,” said John Power, President of NELC (New Executive Language Centre). John is also responsible for Finance, and like 6 of the 7 current partners, is also an English teacher. Additionally, the co-operative has hired another 13 teachers. “We have had to learn a great deal in a very short time because, besides teaching, we also take care of all the management side. Of course, we have made some mistakes, but we are already profitable and looking to grow further.” So, what is the secret to the resurgence of this particular phoenix? John is very clear about that: “Now, as the managers are also the teachers, they are in close daily contact with the clients and really know what they want and how to deliver it.”

Text: Ester Pinter