Some success stories

Roca Sanitario

Twenty-five members of staff from this company attended our flagship course: Fast Track. Their CEO, Ramón Asensio, also chose us for our Language Coaching programme, a flexible course featuring individual, personalized tutoring which is very attractive to senior executives and professional staff who need to communicate effectively in English.


Sixty of their executives were trained to communicate better in English. We delivered 27 business modules focused on improving the language skills needed for meetings, presentations, negotiations, business writing, telephone conversations and conference calls. We also designed a special module for them, Water Cycle, which was taught at their offices in Barcelona, Alicante, Valencia and the Canary Islands.


We designed and carried out English language level tests with more than 1,000 employees of the legal consultants Cuatrecasas, a firm that provides advice to international clients. In this current year, we will level-test a further 500 of their employees. We also provide level-testing in German, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian.