Our teachers

All our teachers are native speakers and have extensive experience of working with both the students and staff of ESADE, as well as the many companies and executives who were clients of this prestigious university. They are experts in teaching English for business and their aim is to enable you to get the most out of your course.

Alain Blomart

Alain has been a teacher for over 20 years and his vocation has always been teaching French and Humanities. After finishing his degree at the... Read more

Alex Gray

Alex has been teaching English in Catalonia and Spain for nearly 9 years now. First training in Madrid in 2015 he found a passion for... Read more

Alicia Crespo

Alicia has been teaching Spanish as a second language (ELE) for over 25 years. and is also a Catalan teacher for immigrants in several associations. ... Read more

Ana Velasco

Ana empezó su carrera profesional como profesora de español para extranjeros cuando se fue a vivir a Brasil en 2014, donde estudió un curso de... Read more

Anna Davis

Anna has been teaching now for twelve years, her journey in this field began in Argentina, Córdoba Capital to be exact, a city nicknamed `La... Read more

Brian Fowlis

Brian’s been teaching English since moving to Barcelona from Edinburgh over twenty years ago. Prior to that he was doing post-graduate research in politics, as... Read more

Caitriona O'Leary

 Caitriona (pronounced ‘Katrina’) is from the wild west of Ireland, a place called Sligo and has lived in Barcelona since the early 1990’s. In Ireland... Read more

Carla Brind

Originally from a Human Resources background in London, Carla realised her passion was teaching after doing some voluntary teaching in South America. Shortly after, in... Read more

Carme Baulenas

It was in 2009, during her stay in Brighton (UK), that an English friend asked her to teach her Spanish. At first, she thought that... Read more

Caroline Yates

Caroline grew up in Surrey, obtained a Business degree at the University of Manchester, and then got a job in advertising in the early ‘90s. ... Read more

Claire Balch

Claire has more than 30 years teaching experience. Her first teaching was in London and after a brief spell in Madrid she moved to Barcelona in the late 1980’s ... Read more

Daniel P.

Daniel has been teaching for 7 years. After completing his CELTA in Barcelona he spent a few months teaching at a summer school in Malta... Read more

David Donaldson

David has got to be one of the most experienced English teachers on the planet. ... Read more

David Morton

After doing a degree in Mathematics at Newcastle University, David started teaching English in Barcelona in 1993. His first group of 8-year-olds played a lot... Read more

Dawn Redman

Originally from (allegedly) sunny South-East England, Dawn moved to Barcelona in 2014 for even more sun!   Prior to that, she studied English and Hispanic Studies at... Read more

Dean Krauth

Dean has now been teaching in Barcelona for over 20 years. After arriving in Barcelona in 1994 and completing the TESOL certificate he landed a... Read more

Deb Cartwright-Long

She has over 12 years of ESL Business, Exam, and General English experience here in Barcelona, and she also works as an FCE / CAE Oral Examiner at the British Council and on the Summer Intensive P.I.A.... Read more

Eileen Wallace

Eileen grew up in Scotland and studied Business Administration at Strathclyde University in Glasgow. After doing a diploma in Management Development... Read more

Gareth Nash

Gareth has been teaching English as a Foreign Language for almost 20 years now, primarily in-company Business English, although his initial experience of teaching adults... Read more

Guy Lansing

Guy grew up in Cardiff, the capital of Wales and went to university just over the border in Bath, in the West of England. ... Read more

Iwonna Dubicka

Iwonna was born of Polish parents in Bristol, UK and has taught English and business skills in Barcelona since 1989... Read more

James Talbot

James is originally from Chester, a small city near Liverpool and Manchester. He studied an undergraduate degree in Linguistics at the University of Manchester from... Read more

John Bentley

John came to Barcelona in 1995 to teach English after graduating in Sociology at Northumbria University in Newcastle... Read more

John Power

A Londoner, John has been in living and teaching in Spain for over 20 years. ... Read more

Laura Styles

Originally from the south west of England, Laura taught in far flung locations such as China and Mexico before bouncing round various countries in Europe,... Read more

Louise Humphries

Originally from Croydon, South London, Louise studied Psychology at the University of Sheffield. After completing her degree, she decided to stay up north and work... Read more

Maeve Howley

As Irish as the Shamrock, Maeve carries more than 20 years of teaching English in English for Academic Purposes (EAP) and English for Specific Purposes... Read more

Michela D'Auria

Born in Cagliari (Sardinia), she graduated in Italian language and culture at Università per Stranieri di Siena. She arrived in Barcelona in 2006 with a... Read more

Miriam Smith

Miriam spent her childhood as a nomad, changing house and country every couple of years, moving around places like Germany, Singapore and Yemen... Read more

Nathalie Souron

Nathalie started teaching French in 1990, when she had barely arrived in Barcelona one year ago. Soon, she started teaching in business environments, having students... Read more

Nelson Pringle

Nelson moved to Barcelona in 1989 and quickly fell in love with this dynamic, ancient city which was reinventing itself to prepare for the 1992... Read more

Rosie Dickson

Born in Edinburgh, she graduated with a Degree in Design in Sheffield and went on to running a workshop/business and giving silversmithing classes in London.... Read more

Ruth Molloy

Ruth was born in London but grew up in the North West of England near Manchester and has family all over the UK (and the... Read more

Sarah West

After training as an English teacher in London, Sarah worked in Madrid, before settling in Barcelona. Until recently she was working in ESADE Executive Language... Read more

Simon Chappell

Simon grew up in London and then went to the cathedral city of Norwich (which claims “a church for every week of the year and a pub... Read more

Simon Connolly

Simon is from County Wicklow in Ireland and has been teaching English since 1999. After graduating with a degree in English and Philosophy from University... Read more

Simon Courtney

Simon has been teaching for the better part of a decade. His first experience came in his home town of Plymouth, U.K, a summer position... Read more

Valberes Nascimento

Valberes got into teaching about 10 years ago as a side job while studying law in Madrid. Along the years, Valberes has lived, studied and... Read more

Jenny Brickman (English)
Margarete Marte (German)
Rita Morais (Portuguese)
Henry O’Donnell (English)
Caitriona O’Leary (English)
Olivier Vinsonneau (French and German)

The experts talk about our teachers

“​It has been my pleasure to run training sessions with NELC’s excellent teachers over the last few years. Their online courses, highly trained and experienced teachers, and interesting tailor-made online learning materials mean that NELC’s online classes are relevant, enjoyable, and – most important – highly effective. Well done NELC!”

Nicky Hockly

Director of Pedagogy, The Consultants-E

“It was my pleasure to meet and engage with the NELC teaching staff on an online webinar and – as always – I was impressed by their enthusiasm, professionalism and the extensive experience they have in both face-to-face and online teaching. It’s always a pleasure to work with a group of teachers like this.”

Scott Thornbury

Academic and teacher trainer of English Language Teach