Nurul Ahmed

Nurul grew up in the Roman city of Chester (Deva) in the county of Cheshire. (One of the most historic cities in the UK). Between finishing his undergraduate at the University of Manchester and his Postgraduate studies in Business and Marketing at Manchester Business School, Nurul decided to move to Barcelona where he completed the CELTA in 1996. His career in 1999 went in a corporate direction working on a young manager’s graduate program within a Danish multi national taking him to 7 countries across 3 continents. Personal and professional circumstances led him back to Barcelona where he spent 8 years in the ESADE Executive Language Centre. Nurul now forms part of the NELC team with whom he has been collaborating since its inception. He also works extensively with corporate entities in Barcelona and finds himself flying often to visit clients in Madrid. In his free time he competes in endurance sports and plays the violin.