What do our students and clients think about their experience in NELC?

“What is unique about NELC is the quality and relevance of the programme, the methodology and professionalism of the teachers and, as a result, the significance progress you make. No other centre can match this. Highly recommended.”

Constantí Serrallonga

Managing Director, Fira de Barcelona

“NELC offers us flexibility, resources, professionalism and an extremely well-qualified team. Courses such as the Fast Track and Executive English programmes enable us to meet the different needs of our team, either by consolidating their level of English or by attaining a certain level in a short time. The fact that we can adapt these courses to our complicated schedules is also extremely positive.”

Ignacio Escobar

Director Human Resources , Cuatrecasas (until 2018)

“NELC offer a continuation of ESADE’s approach and offers the same quality. About their methodology, I highlight their flexibility, variety and adaptation to the needs of the student. About their teachers, their professionalism. They understand the needs of students and tailor the classes to meet those needs. We believe in the NELC format because it is intensive and fits round our employees’ schedules; it allows them to fulfill their work responsibilities while making continuous progress with their English. This is true even of those who have to travel frequently.”

Ramón Asensio

CEO, Roca Sanitario (until 2019) - Currently Advisor to the Presidency

“At Criteria we invest in high quality training with NELC because it represents an extremely good return on investment. They are not the regular English-School we were used to. NELC’s training programmes are very well organized and focus on what our employees, and we, really need – fluency and business skills. Their trainers are, not only native English-speakers, but real experts in teaching and online training and ensure that sessions are engaging and enjoyable which leads to higher attendance, greater commitment and faster progress.  That’s why we see NELC as a long-term partner.”

Francina Valls

HR Manager, Criteria Caixa

“I am very happy with the trainer, Brian. Very serious and well-organised classes. We also like the focus on practical English and business English. Highly recommended.”

David Oca Petit

Business Banking Director, Caixabank

“​It has been my pleasure to run training sessions with NELC’s excellent teachers over the last few years. Their online courses, highly trained and experienced teachers, and interesting tailor-made online learning materials mean that NELC’s online classes are relevant, enjoyable, and – most important – highly effective. Well done NELC!”

Nicky Hockly

Director of Pedagogy, The Consultants-E

“It was my pleasure to meet and engage with the NELC teaching staff on an online webinar and – as always – I was impressed by their enthusiasm, professionalism and the extensive experience they have in both face-to-face and online teaching. It’s always a pleasure to work with a group of teachers like this.”

Scott Thornbury

Academic and teacher trainer of English Language Teach

“We would like to congratulate you for the work your company is doing. Louise has been a fantastic teacher and I really learned and enjoyed every lesson!”

Natàlia Torrent

PA to CEO & Office Manager, Group & Beyond

“The teacher has the knowledge, is extremely clear in his explanations and on top of that, he is very kind. The class adapts perfectly to my specific needs. We have worked on reinforcing my speaking fluency, the use of modals verbs, and the vocabulary related to my sector. The thing that I appreciate the most is the review in real time of mistakes that I do in grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation.”

Pere Mas

Principal, ALG by Indra

“NELC offers learners a very individualised learning experience. They also have a very good methodology and a team of very experienced and qualified teachers. I’ve had the good fortune to have 4 or 5 teachers, who are all very different but all very experienced.  Perhaps the common denominator has been their skill in adapting their teaching to the particular group and giving attention to each learner, according to their particular needs. I really like studying this language and in NELC, it’s not only interesting but also entertaining.”

Anna Rifà

Manager, Universitat Ramon Llull (URL)

“I decided to have language coaching sessions in order to improve my business English presentations at work. It was extremely valuable to improve my English skills in a flexible and individualized way. As a result, I increased my confidence when giving presentations, especially when answering questions”.

Rosa María López Carneros

Head of Commercial Operations, Boehringer Ingelheim

“Doing a complete immersion course at NELC really improved my confidence and fluency and afterwards, I felt much more confident talking to clients in English.”

Jordi Biosca

Lawyer, BPV Abogados

“NELC is a great school to learn English because the level of the teachers is very high. They prepare the classes very well and mantain a very good rythm. In addition, the number of students is ideal and the methodology really works”.

David Clavero

Lawyer, Guillen Becares

“I’ve done a Blended Track and I’ve found it a very interesting format. The classes are very dynamic, pleasant and useful. We practice speaking a lot in different situations. The teacher is very aware of us, of our fluency, pronunciation, intonation, new vocabulary and our necessities. We reinforce the grammar too. It happens to me very fast, it is very entertaining and useful. I love them.  When this course is finished I will start another one. We have to do homework during the week, which we practice and correct in class. We take advantage of our time a lot.”

Maria Rosa Perera


“I chose NELC Because of the confidence I have in John Power and Claire Balch  as English teachers. Both had previously been my teachers in ESADE and I had no doubts about their excellent English-teaching skills. As regards the methodology I would highlight the personalised attention that seeks to identify the needs of each student and adapt the content to them. As regards the teachers I would underscore their experience and expertise and also their vision of English teaching. At NELC it is treated as a learning experience that goes beyond mere grammar and vocabulary.”

Rafael Parra

Director , Banc de Sang i Teixits - Hospital Vall d’Hebron, Barcelona

“It’s the first course that I’ve ever done that has given me more fluency, more vocabulary and more grammar. I like the small group format as this gives me the opportunity to participate a lot. I also enjoy learning about different issues from my classmates. It has helped me get over my fear of speaking in English in meetings and negotiations. I have a lot more confidence thanks to the fact that we practice these kinds of activities in class.”

Saverio Pergolizzi

TCPs Italia , Vueling