We don’t know how the last twelve months have treated you (hopefully well), but we have to admit that 2015 has been a great year for NELC. We are approaching the end of the year feeling happy that we have gained the trust of 475 students and pleased to have helped our clients advance their careers by providing tools that enable them not only to communicate effectively in English but also strengthen their self-confidence every time they have to deal with their international associates, whether by phone, during negotiations or when submitting a marketing plan.

It is because of this pride in a job well done that we want to share some of our achievements with you – in addition to our individual clients we have also helped several companies in the language training of their executives.

NELC is fast becoming the reference point as the provider of quality language teaching to a number of major companies in the Barcelona area. We have entered into a number of strategic partnerships this year and as our reputation spreads thanks to highly satisfied clients both in our open and In-company courses, we look forward to working with other companies.

For example, one of the firms that has placed its trust in NELC is ROCA Sanitario. Twenty-five members of staff from this company attended our flagship course: Fast Track. Furthermore, their CEO, Ramón Asensio, also chose us for our Language Coaching programme, a flexible course featuring individual, personalized tutoring which has proved very attractive to a number of senior executives and professional staff during 2015. These tailor-made courses are perfect in meeting the needs of busy business people in an increasingly demanding world where effective communication is vital.

We designed and carried out English language level tests with more than 1,000 employees of the legal consultants Cuatrecasas Gonçalves Pereira, a firm that provides advice to international clients. We will continue working with them in 2016, when we will level-test a further 500 of their employees.

Agbar also chose NELC to help 60 of their executives to communicate better in English. We delivered 27 business modules focused on improving the language skills needed for meetings, presentations, negotiations, business writing, telephone conversations and conference calls. We also designed a special module for them, Water Cycle, which was taught at their offices in Barcelona, Alicante, Valencia and the Canary Islands.

Once again, we were able to enjoy the participation on the In-company course of over 25 staff members from Suara Cooperativa, one of the most important cooperatives in Catalonia.

And we cannot finish this review without mentioning something that pleased us a great deal: our interview on English Radio Barcelona! Don’t miss it if you want to find out about the latest trends in learning English.

As you can see, we have every reason to feel fortunate. We are very proud of our students and that these companies consider us a strategic partner in the arena of English for professionals. Our new year’s wish is to carry on winning the confidence of our clients, just as much those of you who are going to continue with NELC as those who are wondering whether if it’s worth giving English another chance. The answer is a resounding yes!

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!