Who we are

Academia de inglés en Barcelona

NELC – New Executive Language Centre  is Language Centre that has been started up by teachers of the former ESADE Executive Language Center. We have specialized in teaching English to professionals and companies. Our aim is to continue to offer the same type of English courses previously provided by ESADE-ELC, with the same guarantees of quality. We have experience with large corporations as well as medium and small companies.

All our teachers are native speakers and have extensive experience of working with both the students and staff of ESADE, as well as the many companies and executives who were clients of this prestigious university. They are experts in teaching English for business and their aim is to enable you to get the most out of your course.

Our teachers are well-known for their dynamic, motivating classesFrom the first day of class, you will learn English expressions that you can use in your professional life.  We will give you the opportunity to learn in a friendly atmosphere where you can take full advantage of every moment.  You will be able to network with other professionals like yourself.

We want to be recognized as an outstanding provider of language solutions and as an organization which works with its clients, understands the reality in which they operate and inspires them to reach their goals.

Open your professional horizons with us!


To enable today’s global professionals to develop effective communication skills through premium language training.

Our goal is to empower individuals, companies and academic communities to meet the competitive challenges of the 21st century and to maximize future opportunities.


NELC is committed to providing a service to the community which upholds and promotes our values:

  • Equality and co-operation: treating people equally and with respect regardless of gender, race, culture, language, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, religion or disability.  We believe that we can progress and develop best by co-operating with each other.
  • Community building: building a close learning community of students, companies and teachers. We believe that, in communities, we learn from each other to the benefit of all.
  • Academic excellence: as part of the wider academic community, we aim to implement best practice in all our activities and to promote the use of innovative methodologies. At NELC the qualifications and experience of our teachers is highly important and we are committed to on-going training and to sharing our knowledge with the wider EFL community.
  • Ethical practices: we aim to develop our organisation ethically, respecting the environment and adhering to a policy of honesty and transparency.
  • Professional diligence: listening to and valuing the opinions of others, collectively working to a high standard, fostering a creative environment and constantly striving to improve and offer the best service.
Guy Lansing
President / Director of Business Development
Eileen Wallace
Secretary / Director of E-learning & Language Coach
John Power
Vocal / President and Director of Finance
Claire Balch
Director of Programmes & HR