David DonaldsonDavid has got to be one of the most experienced English teachers on the planet.  He came to Barcelona in time to greet Josep Tarradellas when he delivered his now famous phrase, Ja sóc aquí! He began his teaching career by asking students penetrating questions such as, “Is this a pen?” (answer: “No, it’s a key!”).

Later on he became the Director of Studies of a language school and eventually joined the staff of the ELC at ESADE in 2008. He is also a teacher trainer for the SIT Graduate Institute, a job which has taken him to train teachers in the USA, Mexico, Korea, Turkey, Jordan, and currently, Erbil Iraq (the safe bit). In between teaching students to distinguish between a pen and a key he has managed to put down roots, raise a family, eat in an incredible number of Barcelona restaurants and join the amazing group of professionals that make up NELC.