Superintensive TrackTwo days a week to ensure rapid progress in English

Our July Special is an excellent way to use your extra free time in the summer evenings to progress in your English.  By dedicating just 2 evenings a week, this course will enable you to advance towards the next level in your English.  If you have enjoyed studying during the rest of the year, this short course will enable you to extend that progress and carry on improving during July.  The course focuses on improving speaking and listening skills, as well as reviewing and expanding your grammar and vocabulary.  In a small group atmosphere, our highly-experienced language coaches will adapt the course content to your needs. Our objective is to help you achieve the level of fluency you need to communicate successfully in an international work or study environment.  Give your English a boost before your holidays!


  • Levels: from Pre-intermediate to Superior
  • Dates: from 27th June to 27th July 2017.
  • Schedule: Tuesday and Thursday from 17:30 to 21:30
  • Fee: 750 €. NELC students discount: 712€
  • Class size: 10 students / group maximum.