Why Choose Us?



The advantages of doing a course in NELC mainly focus on personalised attention. After the needs analysis, the teacher can choose the activities and structure the course more accurately. Our courses include online support for you to continue learning during the days you do not have classes. The Moodle digital platform is a place for digital interaction/activity outside the classroom to support the face-to-face learning experience.

Your progress will be evaluated during the course and you will also have the opportunity to hold several tutorials with your teacher to discuss your progress and achievements.

High quality training related with professional activity needs or personal use.

Professional, native, competent and experienced teachers with over 15 years experience.

Methodology based on group dynamics to promote learning quickly and efficiently.

Highly participatory classes. Special emphasis on communication skills.

Relevant and tailored made content for specific customer needs.

Friendly, work-focused, serious atmosphere.

Our commitment

In NELC we believe that good service extends beyond offering a good language course; it means offering our customers the best language program and the best experience.

Our commitment is that, from Day 1 of class, our students will learn English expressions that can be incorporated immediately into their professional life, so that doing sales and creating presentations in English becomes something natural.

Experience is our guarantee

NELC is a language school founded in 2013 by former teachers of ESADE Executive Language Center. We specialize in teaching English to professionals, companies and the academic community; this includes extensive experience training university professors who will be teaching in English. It is an honor for us to have been associated with ESADE Executive Language Centre’s prestigious courses and we are pleased to offer a continuation of these at our centre with the same guarantees of quality.

All our teachers are native speakers and have over 15 years experience teaching students and faculty at ESADE, as well as providing language coaching for companies and other professional customers of this prestigious university. This level of experience in the field of quality language teaching is our guarantee.

Our experience allows us to orient a customer quickly, accurately and effectively. Our knowledge of the needs of professionals in this country, our understanding of  current demands, social changes and the direction in which future employment and education is moving provide us with a quick and comprehensive overview of the market.