1. Meetings

Do you hate going to meetings? Do you always manage to say what you want to say? Do you feel something was accomplished during the meeting? A hands-on module focused on meetings procedures ... Read more

2. Negotiations

This lively module gives you the language tools to become a diplomatic yet forceful and effective negotiator. You will be given plenty of opportunities to practice, use useful expressions and will receive individual feedback ... Read more

3. Presentations

This active and very participative module consists of 4 practical tips to make your presentations more powerful, structured and effective with the objective of increasing your fluency and confidence ... Read more

4. Telephoning: Conference calls

Do you panic when the phone rings or you have to make a call? This module consists of improving your telephone skills not only ... Read more

5. Business Writing

This masterclass consists of developing your skills in terms of email writing and short reports. Read more