How often have you said “I won’t let the opportunity pass this summer. This year, I’m definitely going to study English”? Then despite your good intentions, the heat, your work, the cost of your holidays and the children’s school fees all conspire … and suddenly it’s October and your English is the same.

But 2015 doesn’t have to be like that. This summer there are no more excuses! Whether you have one week or five weeks, our summer courses for July and September mean that when you return to work, you won’t only have a good suntan. You’ll also have a level of English which will make you feel much more confident in your next conference call.

If you only have one week, our Summer Saturation course is what you need. It’s an intensive 50-hour course designed to boost your fluency and listening from the first day. It’s as if you had travelled abroad but without the long queues in the airport.

If you’d like to refresh your English, then the September Special is for you. During 3 weeks you can practise your English for three and a half hours per day and so update the language of Shakespeare and Steve Jobs.

If you are a student between 17 and 24 years old and you need to learn English in summer, the University Track is the course for you. You can prepare to take one of the Cambridge Exams or to study in a university abroad and so improve your job prospects.

If you want to progress quickly and you can spend 2 full weeks studying English, the Superintensive Track is the one for you. You’ll improve one level in only a fortnight, with coffee breaks and lunch included so that you don’t stop speaking English for one moment.

If you’d like to progress quickly but you can’t study all day, we’ve also thought about you. Our Summer Track takes place in the evening during July, so that you can combine it with your normal working day. The course is designed so that you switch off from work while you are improving your English.

All our courses are led by highly-qualified native English teachers and the groups have a maximum of 10 learners. Our objective is to help you to get maximum benefit from every moment, while at the same time getting to know other professional people like yourself.

If all this isn’t enough, you can also enjoy our special discounts. Look for the course that suits you best!

Then, next summer you will certainly be able to sing ‘Summertime and the livin’ is easy ..’