Summer Intensive English Courses

Summer Intensive English Courses

NELC’s Summer Intensive English Courses are designed to help you progress quickly.  Our courses are the perfect choice for combining learning English in summer in Barcelona and improving your English as fast as possible. NELC’s Summer courses take place in July, August and September.  They are aimed at professionals who have free time in summer to study English and who need to progress quickly.

With our high quality programme design and interactive methodology you’ll improve your speaking level and language knowledge in just a few weeks. Don’t leave it till after the holidays! Summer could be a perfect time to learn English.  NELC offers the best option to makes good use of the holiday period so that you can start the autumn with your improved and refreshed English.

Summer Saturation

The course is carefully designed to keep you participating fully all day, with a variety of activities. With this total-immersion atmosphere you may feel as if you have gone to the UK or USA for a week.

Focus on Fluency

This course designed to equip the participants with some of the tools necessary for them to become more effective and productive communicators in the workplace.