This late disciple of English admits to being an eternal student: “Only native English speakers can be satisfied with their English. The rest of us, to a greater or lesser degree, have the never-ending challenge of trying to improve our level. ”

We interview Ramon Asensio, CEO of Roca Corporación Empresarial and NELC student, about his experience as a Language Coaching student. We also asked him why he decided that NELC’s Fast Track courses are the perfect solution to ensure that the English level of Roca’s employees live up to the demands of the competitive international market.


NELC: How important is mastering English for your professional future?
RAMON: Obviously, today, a command of English is absolutely essential. In my case, I need to communicate with international companies in the group, take part in negotiations etc.

N: How many years have you been studying English?

R: In the past, we studied French as a second language in Spain, so I started studying English very late and since then I’ve never stopped studying it.

N: Have you been a student of languages ​​at other centers?

R: Yes, mainly at the ESADE language school.

N: Why did you choose NELC?

R: NELC seems to offer a continuation of ESADE’s approach and offers the same quality.

N: What would you highlight about our methodology?

R: Flexibility, variety and adaptation to the needs of the student.

N: What would you highlight about our teachers?

R: Their professionalism. They understand the needs of students and tailor the classes to meet those needs. The sessions are always enjoyable and the atmosphere is good.

N: This term, 25 Roca employees are studying the Fast Track course on Friday evenings and Saturday mornings on NELC premises. Why did Roca opt for this NELC course format?

R: For years, Roca was very satisfied with ESADE’s Fast Track programme NELC now offers the same format, with the same teachers and the same methodology. We believe in the NELC format because it is intensive and fits round our employees’ schedules; it allows them to fulfill their work responsibilities while making continuous progress with their English. This is true even of those who have to travel frequently. In our experience it is a method that really works.


Name: Ramón Asensio

Job: CEO, Roca Sanitario

Company: Roca Corporación Empresarial, SA

NELC student since: September 2015

Course studied: Language Coaching

Length of course: 3 months

Language Coach: Guy Lansing