Summer. The sun shines more brightly. The skin darkens and the hair lightens. The water is warmer and the drinks cooler. The music is louder. The days are longer. Life is better. Right? Until September arrives and you realize that your English has also been on holiday. What on earth has happened?! During the last conference call you understood almost everything and now you’d rather Charles sent you an email than answer the phone. And as they say where Charles comes from, use it or lose it.

But your summer story doesn’t have to end this way.

At NELC we want to make a proposal that will ensure you come back from your holidays not only with your batteries recharged but also with a level of English that the summer before you’d never even have dreamed of.

As we know you have little time to spare and also, what the heck! you deserve a break, we have designed several intensive modules so that you can advance quickly to the next level. Throughout the summer, even in August, NELC offers both classroom-based and blended courses to help you achieve your goal of mastering English.

Take a look at what we’ve got for you.

If you are someone who panics every time you have to make an international call, enrol in June for our Telephoning Masterclass, a module specially designed to improve your phone skills, not only by learning useful expressions, but also by focusing on how you use your voice, the level of formality required and improving your listening skills.

In July we propose another masterclass: Business Writing. In this module you will develop your writing skills when drafting both emails and reports. In addition, the course also lays stress on how to convey the message through effective structure.

Another of our July classics is the Summer Track course. This course is the ideal option if you want to make rapid progress. The intensity and quality of the content will enable you to advance a level in just four weeks. And thanks to its active, motivating methodology, the time you invest will be more profitable than ever.

If you have only a couple of weeks to spare but can devote your time wholly to English, another July option is the Superintensive Track, two weeks’ total immersion with the aim of advancing a level in just a fortnight. This course includes coffees and meals, offering moments you’ll share with the rest of the participants and the teacher and when English will also be the lingua franca.

If you want to practice English as much as possible in order to speak fluently, our Summer Saturation course is the quickest, most intense and effective option. In both July and August, we offer fifty hours of class in just five days, with total language immersion. As effective as if you had escaped abroad, but without the queues at the airport (or luggage restrictions).

And now we come to September. If your English level is intermediate or advanced and you want to keep it that way, enrol for the September Special so that you can practice. An excellent option to refresh your English in just three weeks, and dedicating only four hours a day, four days a week.

Don’t think twice an enrol in the NELC’s Summer Courses! Summer may provide the time you never seem to be able to find to improve and refresh your English. Obviously the beach tan will disappear, but what you learn will stay with you forever. Though of course, a cold beer never goes amiss!

Have a great summer!