Born in Edinburgh, she graduated with a Degree in Design in Sheffield and went on to running a workshop/business and giving silversmithing classes in London. However as she had always wanted to live on the “Continent” since she was 15 and had been interested in other cultures and languages, she eventually was able to see this dream come true in her mid-twenties when she discovered Spain and not the Spain found in holiday brochures.Arriving in Barcelona in 1990, she trained as teacher of English as a second language and started teaching Business English in companies using her previous business experience and skills. She also has experience in teaching exam courses eg. Cambridge Exams, Bulats, Toeic & Toefl.She continues to be involved in arts and crafts projects in her free time and enjoys swimming. Weekend activities include walking in the countryside. And as you can see she enjoys the Mediterranean and surrounding region as she is still here after all these years.